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XHM making marriages work, all for your happiness and to the glory of God.

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About Us

Our Vision: Making Marriages Work and Building Families

Xolani Hlitana grew up in Cape Town and has more than 12 years of experience in counselling, coaching and marriage officiating. He has amongst others diplomas in theology, PR and counselling.

He is an ordained pastor and a marriage officer according to the Marriages Act of the Republic of South Africa. He wrote and self-published to date nine relationship books. Pastor X as he is affectionately known is a very direct and out spoken person who is known for “telling it as it is”.

He has conducted over 100 weddings and more than 500 couples’ relationship counselling sessions. He attributes his commitment to building a legacy and role modelling for his sons.

XHM under the leadership of Pastor X has seen its growth spreading beyond the SA boarders to Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Mozambique and currently working on having presence in Namibia. Pastor X approach to marriage and relationships is on a belief that every problem can be resolved if both parties are willing to work it out. He believes that every marriage stands on the following pillars: finances, sex and communication.

OUR VISION: Giving individuals hope to rebuild their lives for better and stable families.



Our Services

Our counselling services mainly focus on relationships but we also provide counselling for finances, family, abuse, loss, spiritual related matters.





Marriage Solemnization (Public and private)




ANNUAL COUPLES CAMP every year in September

Couples Worship Services


– Membership is only for the current year and renewable each year.

– Members will abide to all Marriage Affairs events terms and conditions as well as counselling T’s and C’s.

– The affiliation fee is R5000 per year which is payable once off or in 6 months with a R1000 deposit to secure the membership.

– Our events alternate between Saturdays and Sundays from 3pm depending on the event.

– Counselling sessions to be booked at least 3-5 days in advance and may mostly be booked for mid-week.

– Should a couple withdraw for any reason there will be no refund and transfer of the membership.

– Contact and attendance should always be for the couple not an individual.

– The affiliation fee may exclude meals and refreshments depending on the nature of the event.

– A couple may not miss 2 consecutive sessions. Should this be a case, the membership will be terminated and the couple will have to subscribe afresh.

– The fee remains the same for joining anytime within 6 months and from June will be R3500 for the remainder of the year.

– Any booked counselling session and missed will be charged at R650 per hour.

– Couples will be fined R150 for late coming to the event without prior notice of 18hrs on all the scheduled meetings.

– Benefits include: 2x one on one sessions, telephone contact x1 per month, 6x serminars, 4 days camp, up to 3 magazine issues, 30% off on all Pastor X books, worship service, end of year dinner.

NB: Please email us admin@xhm.co.za or Whatsapp 083 331 7350 to join as a member.

To register as an AFFILIATE please email us your details to admin@xhm.co.za and we will send you an application form and banking details.

Keep in Touch

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083 331 7350

XHM is based in Lyndhurst, Johannesburg